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2023 Conference

Conference Kick-Off at the Country Music Hall of Fame

Let’s get together to celebrate the incredible achievements of 2022! Start the evening with a perusing the historical memorabilia with private tour of the Country Music Hall of Fame. Meet...
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You’re Worth Being Well: Your Business Won’t Thrive Unless You Do

Winning won’t make you well. Driven people know how to get their goals across the finish line—but those achievements comes at a cost. Without meaning to, we sacrifice our relationships,...
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Dr. John Delony

Next Level Digital Marketing

After decades of slow technology advances in New Home Marketing, suddenly an explosion of new technologies is rapidly transforming the way we buy and sell homes online. The emergence of...
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John Lee

Epcon Product Design from the Architect’s Lens

Don’t Get Tripped up by the Code – Other News & Notes Join Mats Ahlstrom, Director of Design for Epcon Communities, to view and discuss the plans you use from...
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Mats Ahlstrom

Moving to Itemization: A Step-By-Step Guide to Having Greater Control of Your Future

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Every builder knows of the value that data and information can bring to a company.  Though, when it...
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Matt Collins

The Digital Foundation: Mastering Online Sales in the Modern Age

As the world becomes increasingly digital, online sales programs have emerged as a critical component for over 50% of all sales in our industry. In this session, we’ll explore why...
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Kevin Oakley

Learn How to Successfully Introduce the Lifestyle Home Loan to your 62+ Prospects

This session will give a brief overview of how your clients 62+ can dramatically increase their purchasing power, and NOT have a monthly mortgage payment! Then we will focus on...
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Ann Marie Stemen

Market Proof Marketing: Solve Any Marketing Challenge In 60 Minutes Or Less

What made you successful in past markets won’t necessarily work in the newest one. It sounds obvious, but the work of rethinking market and consumer needs – and where to...
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Kevin Oakley

Do Your Customers Miss You When Their Home Is Complete?

See the experience from their eyes and rate yourself on where you are on a ‘Maturity Matrix’ and decide where to place your efforts.  Every builder is somewhere on a...
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Matt Collins


Cycle Time has increased dramatically since the onset of COVID and for good reason. Trade and material shortages made holding the line on your schedule somewhere between extremely difficult and...
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Scott Sedam

Pursuing Excellence in the Sales Experience

Are you ready to take your sales game to the next level? Then you won’t want to miss our upcoming live session, “Pursuing Excellence in the Sales Experience,” featuring sales...
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Jason Forrest & Mary Marshall Forrest

Marketing Show & Tell

Join Epcon’s Marketing team for a session filled with the latest and greatest ideas, resources and best practices for marketing your homes and communities in the current market.
Rob Krohn

Demographics: Friend of Foe?

There are some very significant changes taking place in the demographic make up of the U.S. These will drive changing demand for real estate over the next decade. In this...
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Tim Costello

A Brief Introduction to the Future of

Rob Krohn, VP of Marketing for Epcon Communities and Epcon Franchising, will share the updates to our website that the Marketing Co-Op has been working on.
Rob Krohn

State of the Housing Market and Wider Economy

As Chief Economist for Zonda, there are few who understand the economy and its impact on the homebuilding industry better than Ali Wolf. Ali returns this year with another industry-specific...
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Ali Wolf

Charitable Teambuilding – Meal Packing

Our Business Leadership and Marketing teams will come together to mix, weigh, seal and package shelf-stable, nutritious meals that are then shipped to children and families who struggle with hunger...
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What’s New with the Marketing Co-Op: Tools and Resources You Can Use

Join Megan Ronquillo of Epcon’s Marketing Team for the latest updates on Co-Op tools, resources, and more. Come prepared with any questions you have regarding Marketing resources and best practices!
Megan Ronquillo

The Experts Weigh In: Field Operations Panel Discussion

Join this panel to engage in a discuss about building homes and communities the Epcon way. This session will include Epcon experts regarding all phases of development and construction, from...
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Fair Housing Best Practices

This session will include best practices regarding the Fair Housing Act and the ADA laws all builders must be mindful of to avoid costly mistakes that drain your business’s finances...
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Bringing Remarkable Home to Your Market

Following a jam-packed schedule of training, networking and so much more, we will reflect on our time together and discuss what it may look like to bring remarkable home when...
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Paul Hanson

Service Is a Superpower

When a service employee asks the question, “What’s in it for me,” the honest and correct response is EVERYTHING. “Your team members deserve to know that an investment OF themselves...
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Louie Gravance