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Day 1
April 25, 2022

Leaders Council Meeting

Leader Council Members Only

Marketing Co-Op Meeting

Marketing Co-Op Members Only
Day 2
April 26, 2022

Opening General Session: Redefining Remarkable

“People will forget what you said, what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” In this opening session, we’ll discuss what it means to provide...
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Paul Hanson

The Art of Customer Service

Exceptional customer experiences do not occur by accident. They are the result of intentional planning and processes designed to exceed expectations.   When organizations are customer-centric, they have the opportunity...
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Anna Sullins

Applying Customer Service into the Construction Role

Stew Walker Epcon Communities In this interactive workshop, we’ll work together to discuss what we can do in the construction role to enhance the customer experience. Learn the power behind...
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Applying Customer Service Into Our Businesses

Paul Hanson Epcon Communities In this interactive workshop, we’ll work together to discuss what we can do in our businesses enhance the customer experience. Learn the power behind knowing your...
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Applying Customer Service Into Marketing Experience

In this interactive workshop, we’ll work together to discuss what we can do in the marketing role to enhance the customer experience. Learn the power behind knowing your trademark and...
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Rob Krohn

Best Practices for Following Fair Housing in the Construction Process

In this workshop, learn key components of the Fair Housing Act that can impact the design and construction of homes. You’ll also learn about the ADA and what are some...
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Scott P. Moore

Franchise Builder Round Table

Join your fellow franchise builders to collaborate on topics relevant to running a successful homebuilding business in today’s market.  Rita Martin and Caitlin Schrimpf will guide you through an exploration...
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Top Producers Workshop

Back by popular demand! Hear from some of our top producers in the Epcon system as they share tips on what they have done to achieve their success.   Moderator:...
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Utilizing Predictive Analysis & AI to Modernize the Home Search Experience

From Amazon to Netflix, A.I is powering how consumers discover content, products, and services. This however, has yet to take place in the home building market. As consumers continue to...
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Will Zhang

Construction Round Table Best Practices

In this interactive session, you’ll discuss best practices and hot topics among your fellow construction professionals in the Epcon system.

Accounting Best Practices & Using 45L Tax Credits

In this 2-part workshop, join an in-depth discussion of how to structure your chart of accounts for meaningful monthly reporting. The percentage of completion and completed contract methods of accounting...
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Brady Bryan
Dave O’Brien

How Fair Housing Laws Impact the Sales Process

In this workshop, you’ll learn about the Fair Housing Act and the ADA along with what you need to be mindful of in the sales process to avoid any accidental...
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Scott P. Moore

Understanding the Metrics of Marketing: The Numbers You Need to go from Web Lead to Sale

This session will include Rob, Leah Fellows (Blue Gypsy) and Tom Nelson (NDG Communications) reviewing the Strategic Guide to Marketing that was created last year and distributed to Franchise Builders...
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Leah Kaiz Fellows
Tom Nelson
Rob Krohn

Offsite Networking Event: Beers, BBQ & Bluegrass

The off-site Networking Event will be held at the Big Top location of Hi-Wire Brewing and take place on Tuesday, April 26th after the Vendor Fair concludes. This local brewery...
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Day 3
April 27, 2022

General Session: The State of the Homebuilding Industry

Join Ali Wolf, Chief Economist of Zonda, in this General Session where she will discuss the current economy and the state of the homebuilding industry so that we can make...
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Ali Wolf

From Customer Expectations & Journey to Real-Time Engagement & Digitalization

1.) Understand and appreciate the key pillars of customer expectations in 2022. 2.) Map the customer journey into clear stages and teams to handle them. 3.) Evaluate and enhance how...
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Bassam Salem

Dynamic Thinking: Embracing Change as the New Normal

The dictionary defines Dynamic as “a force or factor that controls or influences a process of growth, change, interaction, or activity”, and thus I coined the phrase “Dynamic Thinking” to...
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Al Trellis

Are You a Project Manager or a Project Witness?

Managers take action in every step of the management process while witnesses do the bare minimum without any sense of innovation or creativity.  Which one do you want to be? ...
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Norb Slowikowski

Forrest Performance Group: When Certainty Is Lost, All Is Lost

Sales are up, the back log is strong, but does it matter if they don’t stick?   If you want customer loyalty then you must create service certainty. At the...
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Jason & Mary Forrest

Legal Pitfalls to Watch for in Marketing

Anything in print-from brochures, marketing collateral to social media- leaves your company open to litigation. There are certain words and phrases that should be avoided to ensure you don’t fall...
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Scott P. Moore

Marketing Best Practices Panel

This panel will be moderated by Rob Krohn, VP of Marketing for Epcon Communities.   Panel participants include:   Christine Vangsness, Director of Marketing at Heritage Homes Jeremiah Gore, VP...
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Rob Krohn

Epcon Legal Best Practices Panel

Have an opportunity to hear from Epcon’s Legal Team during this interactive Q&A session. Learn about their roles and the different areas where it can benefi cial to consider having...
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From Great Ideas to Frontline Execution

Going from Theory to Frontline Execution is Tough! As leaders, we learn lots of great ideas about how to run our companies, but if we don’t translate those ideas into...
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Paul Cardis

Closing General Session: Opportunities Earned & Leadership Learned: An American Hero’s Journey

A true American hero as humble as he is grateful, Medal Of Honor recipient Florent Groberg shares with audiences an unforgettable story and equally remarkable lessons on leadership, selflessness, and...
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Flo Groberg
Day 4
April 26, 2023