Dynamic Thinking: Embracing Change as the New Normal

April 27, 2022
9:45 am-12:30 pm

Dynamic Thinking: Embracing Change as the New Normal

  • The dictionary defines Dynamic as “a force or factor that controls or influences a process of growth, change, interaction, or activity”, and thus I coined the phrase “Dynamic Thinking” to focus on those factors which cause us to grow or change our thinking. The most important of these factors is simply this: the environment in which we do our thinking is never the same. Everything around us is changing, however minutely or however unnoticed, and so our thinking, to some degree, must also change. Yesterday’s world is different than today’s or tomorrow’s, implying that yesterday’s perfect solutions may be imperfect today. For the homebuilder, areas worthy of serious consideration for review and rethinking are:


    Overall Strategy: Where are we Going and What is our Time Horizon?


    Enhanced/Integrated Technology: More Data-driven and Less Intuition-guided.

    What is the Role of Analysis and/or Artificial Intelligence?


    Construction Constraints: How to Deal With Inadequate Labor & Materials


    Sales: All Products we Sell are Not Equal. Which Should we Feature, Which Should We Delete, What is the Role of Model Homes Today?


    Selections: What is the “Best” Process for Selecting/Selling Options & Upgrades?

    What is the Role of the Design Center Today?


    Inventory: How do I Determine the “Right” Inventory for my Company and my Market?

    How Many/Which Plans/What Price Points/What Features?


    Pricing: How Do I Protect My Margins in a Period of Rapid Inflation?