Ann Marie Stemen

HECM Loan Officer, Mutual of Omaha

Ann Marie Stemen

HECM Loan Officer, Mutual of Omaha


A Toledo, Ohio native with a knack for launching startup businesses, Ann Marie Stemen is an author, speaker, Home Equity Conversion Mortgage Expert, and a sought-after TV & Radio guest. Featured on NBC4, and in The Columbus Dispatch as a Boomer market influencer, she’s also worked with Jeff Shore, the nation’s top sales trainer to the home building industry. However, what Ann Marie enjoys most is helping Boomers 62+ purchase their dream home, with no monthly mortgage payments.

As a Boomer herself, Ann Marie knows firsthand what it’s like trying to manage all the moving parts of just living life and dealing with transition and change. In 2004, she was inspired to enter the mortgage industry because she felt there was a lack of information about age-based lending…specifically, loan programs for those entering retirement on a fixed income.

In late 2008 the mortgage industry was very competitive and in a strange twist of fate, Ann Marie failed forward. By the fall of 2008 the stock market was crashing and the U.S. housing bubble had bursted. With an entire industry in chaos, Ann Marie made the difficult decision to stay in business, but to make a needed change. She decided to no longer offer traditional loan programs, but instead specialize in age-based programs for boomers 62+.

Being a pioneer has its up and downs and Ann Marie failed forward for almost two years before finally hitting her stride. She transformed her business from a “transactional commodity” to that of an advisory practice. Although she doesn’t hold herself out as a financial planner or attorney, she has taken the time to learn the finer points of retirement and estate planning. This helps her clients better understand how a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage works, and how it affects their retirement and estate plans.

Ann Marie thoroughly enjoy working with boomers; getting to know them, their families, and their advisors. But it’s the stories she enjoys hearing about most.

In 2009, a new program for boomers became available called the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage for Purchase, or H4P Program for short. When Ann Marie first learned about this program she got very excited…excited about the possibilities for those wanting to purchase a new or newer home, and not have a monthly mortgage payment or use up all their cash!

So the mission since 2009 was to start a word of mouth movement called the H4P Project. Ann Marie co-wrote a magazine style 28-page guide called the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage for Purchase Home Buyer’s Guide. This educational guide helps Boomers understand how the program works, and how it compares to paying cash, or securing a traditional 15 or 30 year mortgage. It also covers over 20 of the most frequently asked questions Ann Marie has been asked since 2009.

If you haven’t secured your guide yet then I invite you to do that now by going here: Buyer’s Guide

After reading the guide, get in touch with Ann Marie and give her your thoughts, concerns, questions and feedback.

“My mission is to help you purchase your dream home and enjoy having NO Monthly Mortgage Payment nor use up all your life savings by paying cash.

I look forward to meeting you!”

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